Social Networking Tips for Business

Social networking is the way people are connecting, advertising, marketing, and communicating. Social networking and social media is taking the world by storm. Even if you don’t like it or don’t understand it, this Internet tool is here to stay and people are using it not only for socializing but for business purposes as well. We offer some social networking tips to make your social and business networking easier and more effective:Use social media to create an online presence.Not having an online presence is like not having a business card. In fact, being online is your digital business card. If you don’t have a website, a blog, and don’t have an online presence people assume that you’re either not for real, you’re not professional, and/or you’re not up with the times and technology which also can meet that you’re hard to reach because the business communication may be limited to traditional tactics such as phone calls, faxes, and regular mail. So having a blog site, social networking accounts, and a website is very advantageous for your business. (Hint: There are many free website templates that you can use to create a website and using a free blogging site such was Word Press as your website is perfectly fine.)Guard your online presence and your social networking presence.Things posted online can spread like wildfire. Keep an eye on your business’ digital/online presence. Every now and then do a Google search as well as use other search engines to see what comes up when you Google your business name. If something negative shows up, use the Internet to combat the negative feedback and/or incorrect content.Post carefully. The beauty of the Internet and online is that you can communicate and post very quickly. Yet that is also the downfall as what you post spreads rapidly and many people can view it instantly. They can also quickly repost and retweet as well as comment and rate. So think before you type and post. Think before you hit the “enter” key. Using social networking for business means that you must stay professional with a touch of personality. Don’t post things that will give you an unprofessional image and reputation. You want to reveal the professional-personable you. A few quotes and friendly comments among the more heavily business posting is the balance that you want to achieve. You don’t want your company’s social networking to make you wonder what kind of business you’re in and you especially don’t want them wondering if you’re even conducting business. So post carefully.Upload carefully. The same rules for post carefully that are listed above apply to what you upload. If you’re tempted to post photos of you that you don’t want your boss, clients, prospective employer, staff members, target audience and even family and friends to see, you’d better think first. Those uploads can come back to haunt you. They can also be shared with hundreds and thousands of people. So wisely choose what the photos, images, and videos that you upload.These are just a few tips to make your social networking for business successful and effective. Keep checking back as we add more blogs and articles on the topic of social networking for business purposes.

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