DVD Duplication & Online Marketing Services For Your Small Business

Time and time again I examine the Online Marketing Services available for website marketing and as an experienced internet marketer myself I must say that consistently, Google’s AdWords PPC campaigns perform better for marketing specialized high value services and products then many of the small business marketing options available but you must understand how this online advertising works. I use many Online Marketing Services and techniques to market the most successful parts of my business especially services delivered locally in Auckland, particularly CD and DVD Duplication services and Colour Printing and Copying Services.But I also use a number of alternative marketing techniques to market these small business services – including posters, SEO Google rank building, blogging, video marketing, social media and more. But there’s no other way you can spend $20 and guarantee a sale, and do it again and again. This is the situation I am constantly faced with. Perhaps if the product or service you’re delivering is unfamiliar to your audience then it will be hard to hook them in with the appropriate ads but if your service is quite straightforward, competitive and well presented there’s no way Google ads PPC shouldn’t work for you! Let’s look at some of the services and business I’m working with at the moment: Children’s entertainment: With our pirate birthdays for kids, we only wanted to increase our workload by 2 jobs a week. $20 p/week should do this. CD / DVD Duplication: Is already successful but a competitive market means that each click is expensive. Though I already spend $20 p/week there’s no reason why I should do anything else but double that to $40 even if it only increases jobs by a couple per week that still an extra few hundred.Poster printing and Colour copying: Because my market understands exactly what they want and need a fast local service, it makes sense to be aggressive with PPC AdWords in this area, yes maybe I spend $10 to get a job worth $50, but if I spend $50 p/week then I should have no problems making an extra $200 p/week for this service. Talent agency: Finding new Modelling talent to start off my talent agency is highly targeted to my local area, when I’m feeling more confident I can use PPC to test ideas like this to see if I am getting any traction from the site as it’s presented. Video Production and video marketing: This is one of the more challenging areas for PPC AdWords when you’re actually marketing exclusively online services, because the market is competitive, however I still want the opportunity to spend a small budget to get regular trashy traffic – super cheap clicks that can convert through sheer numbers. If I can get 100 hits for $10 and sell a video for $97 each week it’s still highly profitable.So do the math. Rather than making any effort in small business marketing at all why don’t I just stop being so cautious and spend the $120 p/week so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything?Let’s compare:I spend about 4 hours a week on article marketing and $25p/week on article submissions alone. I also spend 2-4 hours p/week blogging. So if I just spent and extra $100 on AdWords, then I would get at least 6 hours and $25 back. Yes it would be quite nerve racking to be spending $20 p/day in advertising but increased turnover especially in DVD Duplication would be sure to keep weekly profits above $2000. It’s important to study and watch what’s happening. Yes I spend more than twice as much on Colour copying as I do on pirates to get half the money but with Colour copying I do next to nothing. For the pirates, that’s 2 exhausting hours! It’s similar across the board really. But if $100 can make me an extra $200 in 3-4 parts of my business I’ll be happy with Google AdWords management as my main marketing strategy for 2010.

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